O Happy Valentine's Day

You know I love a holiday. That certainly hasn't changed. Since the kids are older now I certainly have to step up my game. With Ryder in school, he comes home with so many cool crafts and projects that I have to make sure the Twinkies do not feel left out!

I wanted to share a few ideas I've found that are super simple and can be done pretty quickly. One thing I learned on my blogging sabbatical is that time management is key! You can do fun, crafty, things while making memories with your littles and it REALLY doesn't take a huge amount of time. They enjoy the activity whether you have fancy materials to work with or you're working on using up all of your scraps!

Here are a few we are going to attempt before the big day of love. Which, on a side note, my husband and I don't even celebrate - LOL - two days later is our anniversary - and two days after that is Ry's birthday - so we keep Valentine's Day simple focusing on the kids. We try our best to keep things simple - it has become a family motto.

Ryder is always SUPER excited about getting a note or a drawing from a friend. I thought this would be fun to make and display his Valentine's from friends in his room. He could even help and it could be done pretty quickly but make him VERY happy. :) That's what its all about right?!

These Valentine's Day cards are incredibly cute. I found them on Pinterest and they are from {dandee}. She even offers a FREE download for the cards. SO cute!

Linc & Ruby Jane LOVE anything artsy and right now they are really loving drawing and then cutting out their creations which is GREAT to help dial in & develop fine motor skills. These cards we can make to send to family and friends and incorporate writing, coloring, and cutting along the lines! I like activities that incorporate a lot of different aspects of learning. I found these over at good ole Martha's place.

If you're looking for a few more ideas, check out my Oh Happy Holiday board on Pinterest. What did we ever do before Pinterest? Oh Pinterest how I love thee...


Emily Hanks said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! Such cute Valentine ideas! Can't wait to see what the Twinkies come up with! They get their creativity from their mama.

angie said...

Clicking over now. I can't wait to see your board!

Kathy said...

Very cute Valentine ideas - I just love that holiday! I like them all, but some of the cute creative Valentine ideas are so fun! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!