Project Beautify Chairs

I scored two of these fabulous chairs for $15! I love getting my hands on something and giving it a new life or repurposing it for something else. These chairs will be added to our dining room. Right now we have four chairs and I turned a cedar chest into a bench. Linc was so excited when he saw the chairs he shouted "Ruby Jane! You get your OWN CHAIR NOW!" It was like she was finally being initiated into the family or something. LOL Sweet baby boy.

So this is what I'm working with...good bones......

My dining room table looks like this....

                                                                     Pottery Barn

And these are my jumping off points for inspiration. My walls will be painted a neutral cool light gray/blue so color options for the chairs are wide open.....

I like the idea of having a skirted seat cover for easy cleaning up! 

                                                          Photo Credit - Country Living 

When I'm deciding on a color I like keeping my options open and then during the search, the colors inevitably get narrowed down based on other choices I make...fabric, paint, etc. I never box myself in to a certain color at first, it always works out for the best that way. Planning for the project is almost as much fun as actually completing the project sometimes! What's your latest painted masterpiece?

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