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I admit it, I've been "that Mom" this week. The one you see in the pick up line at school who is still in her PJs and you're not sure if she's brushed her hair or her teeth yet. Yep, that's been me and the answers are no, and yes. ;) On Friday I got smacked down with a nasty cold/flu/sinus infection craziness and ever since we have all been recovering - the kids and the house. So, I'm still in laundry up to my ears and craft supplies can be found everywhere from the kitchen table to the bathroom. But its all good and I'm glad they had fun right?

Today is a new day. I was able to take a real shower - not a flash shower - and put on real clothes. So I am feeling like a new woman. I thought I would share a couple of fun homeschooling things I do with the Twinkies. While Ryder is in public school for first grade, and I plan to send Lincoln & Ruby Jane to Kindergarten, homeschooling is still very much a part of our week. I really am passionate about supplementing and always encouraging the kids to learn in ways that they think are fun!

These two exercises are great and you can just use what you have on hand....

Ruby Jane could color all day long and the Melissa & Doug coloring books are our favorite. While we are working on letters and vowels, I decided to do a "Color by Letter" exercise. I simply wrote down the vowels and one letter that she has difficulty remembering and then assigned each letter a color. Then, I sporadically put the letters throughout the picture. RJ can be particular so I always write the letters in pencil so that she can erase them if she feels inclined before she colors the assigned color.

For Lincoln, he's more of a creator and really couldn't care less about coloring books. So for Lincoln we drew a map together. I ask him to come up with all of the locations for the map, then I draw them and write down what each location is. While I am writing down the name of the location I spell the words out loud. Once we are finished naming everything we go back over the map and I point out random letters for him to identify. We really have a good time doing this and Linc really enjoys it! Another fun thing to try if you are good at drawing is to draw a picture for the kids to color and "hide" letters throughout the picture. This can also be done with shapes.

I hope our fun learning activities serve you well & you enjoy your day!  Have you come up with any fun learning activities? I'd love to hear! :)

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melissa beaver said...

i love that you do extended learning for your kiddos! we homeschool our kindergartner and it is so much fun (most days). learning should be fun!

i love your blog! the design, your style. so happy to connect with another amazing mama through the interweb! look forward to getting to know you!