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Some randomness for ya....Last week was a good week. A week that brought with it the excitement and feeling of transition as it was my husband's first official week being UN-employed. Before you gasp and think about how we will survive - don't worry, becoming unemployed was by choice. It may sound crazy to you, especially in this economy, but for us, we decided that our family dynamic comes BEFORE what my husband does to pay the bills. Thankfully, we were in a position to allow it to be a choice because I know for many it is not. I am believing and trusting God to open doors for B and for God to move in a big way!

My new fave find is that the Happy Herbivore does meal plans - WHO KNEW? We do our very best to maintain a healthy diet - watching Forks Over Knives changed the way we eat forever. (Rent it on Netflix if you haven't seen it - ESPECIALLY if you're not feeling well!) We have started to incorporate dairy into our diets here and there on a minimal basis and sometimes splurge on a sub sandwich - but focusing on mostly veggies helps us keep our diet more in balance than anything else.

If you didn't stop by last week you missed the new design board I did for my friend's little boy who is on the way! So much fun. You can find out all of the source details about the room here & check out the board below...

I did this one below the week before for another friend who, at the time, didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl - now we know - GIRL! - so another board will be coming soon!

For source details about the gender neutral board check it out here.

A couple months ago I started doing Barre when a studio opened up here. I feel SO GREAT and couldn't recommend it more if you're looking for an awesome low impact work out.

I've decided that we, me & my family, need to be bilingual. I've always loved hearing different languages but have never been fluent in any other except English. When I lived in Germany through high school I picked up German but have, sadly, forgotten most of it. So, I take on a few very random tasks each year for the family and this will be the best one yet I think. I ordered this, so I'll definitely let you know how we all do. :) 

This has been our most played song that we have been groovin to....."whatever comes to pass and whatever lies before me, let there be singing when the evening comes....Bless the Lord O my soul..."

I am looking forward to everything March has to offer. January was catch up month, February FLEW by, and I am looking forward to a more balance March. What about you?

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Shelley said...

Sounds like that movie did for your lives, what reading The Makers Diet did for ours... No one knows our bodies better than He who created them.
Miss and Love ya!