Message Delivery

How good are you at getting out of your comfort zone? I was asked to give an exhortation to my church congregation this past Sunday. This is something that I know The Lord has called me to, however, it is very much outside of my comfort zone. I am naturally a people watcher, I would rather help hold up a wall or hang out in a corner than be the center of attention. I certainly am not one to ASK to speak to a few hundred people on a Sunday morning. God sees me differently though. He wants to use me in a way where He knows I will be completely dependent on Him to complete the task - unless I want to fail miserably, trip over my own two feet and fall flat on my face. All of which I was convinced was going to happen before I even started speaking. 
Thankfully, the exhortation went well and there was no failure or  tripping up or down the steps. God accomplished something on Sunday morning through me and my words that He set out to do. I relied completely on Him to use me according to His Will for that morning. But isn't that how we should operate EVERY morning? EVERY day? Whether our audience is a few hundred or two? I have a target audience every day - my family. Am I relying on God to deliver His message through me every day in every action? In every word spoken? 
The truth is, I am sure we all have areas where we could improve to seek His counsel first. My heart is to be fully submitted to Him at all times, but do I let the frustration of the day overpower the words I use? Am I impatient and intolerant when I tell my boys for the 150th time to "put the seat down" or not slam the Hot Wheels into the baseboards? Or tell my daughter to pick her clothes up off of the floor? The answer is yes. While I know it is important to train my children and teach them to be good stewards of what we have, I could certainly at times, choose a better tone in which the message is delivered.
Its all about knowing when to take our own time out and pause, and reflect on the responsibility we have in the delivery of our message. The delivery of the message is just as important as the content of the message. If the delivery isn't right - the message may be lost.
"Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need." Matthew 6:33 NLT 
When you feel yourself begin to get distracted or frustrated, remember to pause and reflect - seek Him first - He will direct your actions and your words if you rely completely on Him to do so. 
Where are there areas that you can rely completely on Him to deliver His message through you? How will you respond to the call?
*I originally wrote this and shared on ChristianMom Talk but certainly wanted to share this post with you too....If you haven't come across ChristianMom Talk yet - there is a wealth of information and podcasts to check out on everything from life challenges to parenting and everything in between!

A Royal Daughter


Sarah Carletti said...

Good word! :)

Cheryl Wimberly said...

Yes. I can get so frustrated that the lesson I am trying to teach is lost because of the delivery. I remind myself of His promises in those moments. He is my portion, He is my strength, He is the patience I need because His Spirit dwells within me.
Great post!

Jennifer {Life Darling} said...

TRUTH! My husband and I have begun talking about ministering to our kids. The first thing that popped up for us? How we speak to them! It's just so, so, so, so easy to lose it when everyone is exhausted or when we're frustrated for one reason or another, but when I think about how we practice patience and use gentle, encouraging words with our "adult" brothers and sisters, I have to remember that our children are our brother and sister in Christ, too. They also need gentleness and encouragement - even if they don't listen 90% of the time! LOL! Remembering that has really helped me in the patience department and has softened my heart.

... and that was the longest comment on record, right? ;-)